Kragujevac is the city that has reinforced the fury of the Balkans, that combined the first leads and the first gun batteries that produced the best sniper rifles, and the only commercial vehicles sold in all Balkans: Zastava is the name of the factory that in some way has contributed to the success of all serbian regimes from the second half of the nineteenth century,Since it was founded.
Before the war of 1999 Zastava's establishments had about 40,000 employees.
After years of layoffs and after the agreements made with the Serbian government in 2008, today Kragujevac is synonymous of Fiat:
about 1,000 employees working on the production lines.
Citizens commit themselves to their destiny of vehicle manufacturers, and at the same time in- town contractors build buildings, open business and investing throughout, subsidized by the state.Wages will increase, productive activities too.
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